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Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We, at PS 109, believe that our school is a place where students and faculty are free to take risks, work together, and nurture each other.

We believe that academics and social skills go hand in hand in becoming a lifelong learner. For that reason, we teach students how to be responsible, respectful, and safe members of our community. Because our learners are different, we strive to meet their needs through many activities. Our instruction meets the needs of each student and is engaging. Our staff works together to create a variety of learning experiences. We are a community that encourages high expectations, academic rigor, values and critical thinking. Teachers, parents and staff work together to build relationships and foster learning.

We live by our motto, "The Children, Parents and Staff Shine at 109!"


​Josette Claudio


Messages From Teachers

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PS 109 Teacher Love Train - video by Ms. Castello & Ms. Stanton

Teachers spread positive messages and spread cheer to our students during school closure. We want you all to know that we miss you and hope all is well. We are all in this together and wish everyone to be healthy and happy during this tough time.

PS 109 Teacher Love Train

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RainbowsTalk by Ms. Stanton

These are the Rainbows that were submitted from our community at PS 109, last week. Our rainbows should show us how resilient, determined and resourceful the families at 109 truly are with this new way of living. Although these are difficult times for many of our family/community members; please know that you are NOT alone in this fight. I hope that throughout this unfortunate experience; through the pain, struggles and frustrations that you all are experiencing in one way of another, you can find YOUR Rainbow after this storm. Thank you to all the students and parents who took time out of their busy days to work together and send a message to the school community. Your messages are VALUED, your efforts are APPRECIATED and you are LOVED! Please take a moment to look at all of the Rainbows, LIKE one that you feel stands out to you by giving it a heart or leave a comment thanking the artist that created it. This is a safe space to uplift and hopefully bring smiles to all your faces. I hope you enjoy browsing as much as I did receiving and collecting all of these works of art.